Delicious Confections

A ton of love and joy goes into making your confections look and taste delicious. Chocolate has always been a way of showing love and appreciation. In the same way, we at Artisan Treats think giving the gift of fine confections is still a great gesture. Keep coming back to see what’s new or just to keep ordering your favorites. In conjunction, you can catch us on Facebook and Instagram. Beginning in May, our delicious confections will be at DTMesaFest Artists Emporium. Located in Downtown Mesa right off the light rail at 6 N. MacDonald, Mesa, AZ, 85201


Our European style chocolate truffles are very rich and indulgent. A very soft, buttery chocolate center enrobed in a crisp chocolate shell. We import Belgian chocolate and follow old school European ganache making techniques. The jams we incorporate are handmade and we only use fresh simple ingredients. This is what makes the finished product something you think about on the way home from work. These candies are very unique in flavor, texture and presentation. They make a great gift, or maybe you just deserve it.

Euro-Truffle Flavors

  • These delicious confections are Honey Passion Fruit Euro-Truffles. They have a milk chocolate center flavored with passion fruit juice and sweetened with real wildflower honey. Then we en-robe them in dark chocolate.
  • These tasty candies are Strawberry Balsamic Euro-Truffles. They have a white chocolate center which we flavor with strawberry jam and prickly pear balsamic. We then dip them in dark chocolate.
  • The Orange Reverie Euro-Truffle has a soft and buttery milk chocolate center. We then flavor this delectable candy with just a hint of fresh orange and Grand Marnier. Then we dip the candy in dark chocolate and finish them with orange confit and coarse sugar.
  • Georgia Peach Euro-Truffle has a milk chocolate center. We then flavor this scrumptious treat with peach jam and peach brandy. The center is then smeared with peach jam before being dipped in milk chocolate.
  • These delicious confections are Tequila Lime Euro-Truffle is a milk chocolate center flavored with Cazul white tequila, fresh lime, sweetened with agave nectar and enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • The Spiked Eggnog Euro-Truffle has a soft white chocolate center. We flavor these delicious treats with nutmeg, Madagascar vanilla bean and black rum. The candy is then dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Lemon Log Euro-Truffle has a soft and velvety white chocolate center. These delicious confections are flavored heavily with lemon and then dipped in dark chocolate. We garnish them with candied ginger and the end result tastes like a creamy lemon meringue pie.
  • The Razzmatazz Euro-Truffle has a soft center made of milk and dark chocolate mixed. We flavor these delicious candies with mixed berry jam and D'Amore Italian Raspberry liquor. We then en-robe them in a dark chocolate shell.

Chocolate Dipped Soft Caramels

Due to popular demand, we have added chocolate dipped soft caramels to our catalog. What makes them so delicious? It’s because we use simple ingredients to make our caramels. Secondly, the caramel will not stick to your teeth. Finally, we dip them in tempered Belgian chocolate and finish them with various sea salts.

Chocolate Dipped Soft Caramel Flavors

  • Our Himalayan Salted Caramels are very delicious and highly addictive. The soft stretchy caramel is flavored with madagascar vanilla bean and all simple ingredients. Finally, we paired them with milk chocolate and Himalayan sea salt.
  • Image of a Black Truffle Caramels four-pack. They are dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with kosher salt.
  • image of two pieces of Ghost Pepper Bliss Caramels. One candy is whole showing off the tempered dark chocolate and the ghost pepper infused sea salt. The other candy is cut in half showing off the gooey caramel center.

Nut Brittles

When we introduced our nut brittles to the farmers markets it became shear pandemonium. The texture is perfect like glass yet crumbly to the tooth. We use high quality nuts and keep the caramel to nut ratio perfect, so they have a very nutty flavor without being overpowered by the caramel.

Nut Brittle Flavors

  • Image of pecan brittle pieces showing off the beautiful pecans and the rich color of the caramel.
  • Beautiful amber colored cashew brittle pieces, stacked three high.

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