Our Mission, To Give Back To The Community

Everyone is in need today. By lending a helping hand, we can keep our community together.
Together, we can do this

Every single person on this globe is in uncharted waters. The COVID-19 pandemic has caught every single person off guard. With so many unprecedented crisis’ happening today, we all need to help one another however possible. Some of us are doing ok, just a little bored at home but others are in a serious situation. With all the schools closed, barren shelves, millions of people out of work, our medical resources completely overwhelmed and the feeling of uncertainty plaguing the rest of us, we need to help our neighbors in need now more than ever.

Even if its just a roll of bathroom tissue or going to the market for an elderly neighbor, every small act of kindness goes a long way. As Artisan Treats grows influentially and monetarily, so will the scope at which we can give blessings back to the community. Although the focus may change throughout the year, we will always do our part to impact those who need it. You can help us help our neighbors by picking up some Delicious Confections. In return, Artisan Treats will donate 15% of our proceeds to a cause that’s plaguing us today.

People Helping People

Volunteers are greatly overworked and underappreciated. Still they get up every day and help their neighbors.
Thank you for all that you do

Feeding America or the U.S. Hunger Relief Organization are out there on the front lines every day making sure that food banks and food pantries around the country have food and people have access to it during times of shortages and social distancing. These guys rescue wholesome food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers before its wasted and get balanced meals into the mouths of families who need it most. There are millions of Americans facing hunger issues before COVID 19 and now the problem has compounded.

Artisan Treats will be donating 15% of all proceeds directly to Feeding America to help keep everybody fed during this disaster we all face.

Community Action Resources

If you want to donate to any of these high rated charities who are working tirelessly in this fight, their links are listed below: