Handcrafted Delicious Chocolate Candy

Artisan Treats is the new candy man on the block. With our recent gain in popularity, it’s safe to say that our delicious handcrafted chocolate candy will soon be taking America by storm. You will see us at farmers markets around Arizona and all over the web. They make a perfect gift or maybe you’re thinking you should just treat yourself.

Our assortment of our handcrafted delicious chocolate Euro-Truffles. Flavors include: Honey Passion Fruit, Spiked Eggnog, Tequila Lime, Strawberry Balsamic, Razzmatazz, Lemon Log and Orange Reverie.

We apologize to our regulars who are used to seeing us around town at the local art shows and outdoor markets. Out of respect for health and wellness of our community, we’ve decided to opt out of farmers markets and events until May or until we’re all clear. Nonetheless, you can keep coming right back here back to see new delicious treats or to keep ordering your favorites. Keep an eye on our Events page for any future markets we will be attending.

Our Mission

Artisan Treats strives to bring joy to the community by actively helping those we can and introducing our beautiful indulgence to everyone, because we all deserve it.

Our Philosophy

Food is meant to be indulged by all senses and especially artisan crafted confections. You should always first taste delicious chocolate with your eyes, followed by your nose, touch and then your mouth. Artisan Treats pledges that extra scrutiny goes into making sure your candy will always looks as beautiful as it tastes. Nonetheless, we use Belgian chocolate and follow old school European ganache making techniques, which gives the soft centers its velvety texture. Only fresh ingredients are incorporated and we even make our own jams.

Our Objective

To bring back the lost craft of artisan confection making for everyone to enjoy. In the trying times we face, the community needs better choices for rewarding themselves. Life is hard enough so treat yourself.

Our Handcrafted Chocolate Saves Lives

By cheering someone up who’s struggling with social distancing today, you’ll be helping people who are struggling to feed their families. During this crippling crisis and beyond, Artisan Treats is donating 15% of our proceeds to Feeding America because without their food-banks many of us wouldn’t make it.

Artisan Treats

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